The Call, Not a Commandment, but a Seed

© Thierry de Roucy

Fr. Thierry de Roucy
20th Anniversary of Heart’s Home’s Intuition Day

It was a Thursday, on January 4th. This day was to be like any other day. I was at the monastery of Ourscamp, the mother house of the Congregation I used to belong to. In the morning I had been busy writing new year cards and answering many phone calls. Probably the lunch with the community was still affected by some kind of post-Christmas peace and  joy. Once the meal was over, we got our coats on and went out to pray the Rosary, walking in the park. While our procession passed by the ruins of the old abbey, we were praying the first joyful mystery, the Annunciation. Suddenly, as in a flash, I was given the grace to behold the Movement as it exists today. No extasis, no earthquake, no apocalyptic vision… Only a breath, a very sweet light… No words, but a silence full of a Presence…

It happened in such a way that none of my fellow brothers, who were praying by my side, could ever have guessed anything special had happened. Apparently nothing extraordinary had happened, yet this minute would turn my life upside down, and after me, the lives of so many…

Later that day, in the silence of my room, I felt the same as ever… and yet totally different; as if I was the keeper of an incredible secret. God had just burst into my life, as he did when I heard him for the first time, calling me to consecrated life. I was not that worried about « How it would happen ». God, who was calling me certainly had plans about how this call would become flesh. I was humbly offering myself. I just trusted.

From that day on, the monastery was like Nazareth to me. This event was to be understood in the light of the Annunciation. A modest place. Grace visiting me in such a hidden way. A poor human being, both surprised by this encounter and prepared to it, waiting to see what would happen. Called to play a part in the Mystery of Redemption. His trusting, self-offering in the hands of God. A sweet and profound happiness…

This call is not to be confused with a kind of authoritative commandment : « You have to do this ! You have to do that ! » It is not about a commandment, it is about a gift, it is about the newness of a Presence ; it is about a small seed that had – and still has – to grow, provided our freedom does not impeed Grace from watering it down… It is about a Word of Life respectfully seeded in a human heart. A very motherly word, a word like Mary’s words, a word which I immediately received as a word of comfort and compassion.

Once again, God wanted to manifest His love to the lowliest of His brothers and sisters, to those who suffer, those who are lonely. Once again, he wanted to do so through our poor humanity, our clumsy words, and – more deeply – through the gift of our lives. He wanted to say: “I am here! Do not be afraid!” He wanted to say: “Your suffering is not to be an obstacle to my presence. Your loneliness is not an obstacle to my company. It is rather the manger in whose shadow I lie. With you I live. With you I hope…”

20 years! Since that January 4th of 1990, this word has been spread all over the world, this Presence has embraced so many people, the seed has grown up into a beautiful tree. Our sin certainly has limited the growth of Heart’s Home, but God, in his Mercy, did not allow it to disappear. On the contrary, he supported its growth. The Immaculate, Mother and Queen of our humble family, has always been such an incredible and deeply moving company all throughout our history. She has kept looking after us, walking ahead of us, walking at our side… She has  always been there to fix what we had broken, to compensate for our lack of tenderness, to complete whatever we had left unfinished. We are immensely grateful to her…

Today, the work ahead of us is not less than that of 20 years ago. It seems that humanity is sinking more and more into a deeper Passion. It’s our task and responsibility to respond to that suffering with a more intense compassion!

May the Lord grant the members of Heart’s Home eyes to see, a heart to understand, feet to run toward those in need! May He grant us to be true Epiphanies of his loving Presence, for the comfort and joy of many!

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