The Call, Not a Commandment, but a Seed

© Thierry de Roucy

Fr. Thierry de Roucy
20th Anniversary of Heart’s Home’s Intuition Day

It was a Thursday, on January 4th. This day was to be like any other day. I was at the monastery of Ourscamp, the mother house of the Congregation I used to belong to. In the morning I had been busy writing new year cards and answering many phone calls. Probably the lunch with the community was still affected by some kind of post-Christmas peace and  joy. Once the meal was over, we got our coats on and went out to pray the Rosary, walking in the park. While our procession passed by the ruins of the old abbey, we were praying the first joyful mystery, the Annunciation. Suddenly, as in a flash, I was given the grace to behold the Movement as it exists today. No extasis, no earthquake, no apocalyptic vision… Only a breath, a very sweet light… No words, but a silence full of a Presence…

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